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Maine hunting guide and owner of Maine Guide Outfitter
Maine Guide Outfitter lodge on East Grand  Lake. See Services
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About Maine Guide Outfitter
I became a Maine hunting and fishing guide 34 years ago, while employed as a Speech Therapist.  I dreamed, like any other outdoor enthusiast, about spending the majority of my time hunting in the Maine woods or fishing on it's splendid waters. I spent the next 22 years as a state game warden, retiring from such in 2005.  Maine Guide Outfitter is family-owned and operated in South China, Maine. Since our guide service was established, I've treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other Maine hunting and fishing guide companies offer similar services, but I'm confident you'll find it difficult to match my experience, as well as my track record for a successful hunting or angling adventure.
This GS shorthair pointer was initially trained by one of the best dog handlers in the country and fine tuned by our Maine hunting guide to superbly handle grouse and woodcock. She hunts close, providing an easy hunt for all ages.
Our lodge on the NB, Canada side of East Grand Lake is an option for clients with a passport. We offer these accommodations free with a guided fishing or hunting trip on the Maine side of the lake.  See special guide rates on Maine Guide Services page.
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
This is one of Maine Guide Outfitter's rigs for transporting sports. The machine is on tracks in the winter to allow our hunting and fishing guide, along with his clients, access to ice fishing and rabbit covers that typically may be out of bounds for other Maine guide companies >>
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Maine Guide Outfitter is not a "pack them in" guide operation. Our goal is to accommodate either one to four hunters or fisherman that request our guide or outfitting services, during any one time block. These sports usually know each other and have jointly made plans to hunt or fish together. I am not guiding to get rich, nor do I need the money to make any payments. I enjoy the camaraderie and get as much enjoyment as the sports, when I can help someone bag their trophy game or experience a successful day angling on the many fine waters that the State of Maine offers our visiting sportsman.

I have heard too many horror stories about groups of unfamiliar hunters being taken to the field together by a single guide, in an effort to accommodate multiple bookings for the same time block.  It's an accident waiting to happen, or at the very least, a recipe for a bad time and disgruntled customers. This won't happen at Maine Guide Outfitter. We will concentrate our effort on making your stay with us a successful and memorable experience. 

"Some sit in church and think about hunting. Some sit in the woods and think about God"