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Hunting Dogs and Training - Beagles
Maine Guide Outfitter, at times,  will offer AKC beagle pups from our selected and proven bloodline for sale. We have been developing our bloodline for hunting the snowshoe hare for over 30 years, selecting dogs for hunt, confirmation and stamina. Our bloodline represents a blend of hare and cottontail breeding resulting in rabbit hounds with line control and speed to drive the fleet footed snowshoe hare in the north country.  The pedigree includes multiple field champions, as well as champions that have finished both in Canada and the States. We occasionally have started and fully trained hounds available for sale. 

If you would like to be put on our "waiting list" for a beagle pup or check the availability of a started hound, call our Maine Hunting Guide at 207-446-8980.

We have our own training area for beagles in Richmond, Maine, a short distance from the Kennebec Valley Beagle Club, the sponsor of both licensed and sanction field trials. Fine tune your hounds on hare prior to a trial. This area includes 50 acres of fenced woodland and paths. The area is well stocked with snowshoe hare retained by rubber coated fence with electric wire at the top to discourage predators. A 5 acre puppy starting area will hopefully be completed  for the 2012 season. 

At times, we will allow sports to park a camper, while you train or condition your own beagles. The running area abuts the outlet for Pleasant Pond, known for it's flyway of ducks and superb bass fishing .  Hunt ducks or angle for bass, as you listen to your hounds run in the training area.

Park and Train = Parking fee $100 per day / includes one night  - Use our area to train your own hounds - maximum two dogs on the ground at one time.  Must show proof of current rabies and distemper/parvo -virus vaccines.

Starting Hounds = $200 / week  -  When time allows, MGO will start your hound or provide further training - owner provides his own dog food.

 Beagle Pups:

At the moment, we do not have any beagle pups for sale.  We are projecting a breeding of two the best dogs in our kennel. If you would like to be added to our 'waiting list" for a pup, call our Maine Hunting Guide at --- 207-446-8980

 Started Beagles:

Contact our Maine Hunting Guide to check on available rabbit hounds, that have already been started on rabbit. We consider a started hound, as a pup that will jump it's own rabbit and run at least a 100 yards. Most of these dogs  are around 6 to 7 months old.   

 Finished Hounds:

Contact us to check on availability of a finished hound. We consider a rabbit dog that is jumping it's own rabbit, and driving repetitive circles on it's own, as finished and ready to be taken to the field to hunt rabbits.

German Shorthair Pointer Pups:

We occasionally have GS pups available. My female pointer's parents are both field, as well as show champions from some of the best lineage in the country. I will only breed to the same quality. If you are interested in a pup from a future breeding, please call -- 207-446-8980.
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