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Maine Fishing Guide - Fish of Maine
At Maine Guide Outfitter, you will have an opportunity to target specific fisheries found in various bodies of water in Maine including rivers, streams and lakes that our fishing guides have angled and found to be the most productive during the season of your choice. Whether your favorite rod-in-hand, is one that throws a fly to match a hatch, or drags sewed-on-bait to entice a salmon, brown trout, "brookies" or lake trout from the depth of East Grand Lake, we will provide an opportunity to meet your expectations. Casting a  lure, bass bug or even throwing bait to entice a black bass to explode from the surface waters  of our local lakes is another service you will find offered by our Maine fishing guide. 

During the winter months, when the ice safely covers our lakes, consider booking an ice fishing adventure that allows you to drill five holes, set ice fishing traps and enjoy the company of good friends.  The anticipation of a flag going up to signal a fish on and a trap  potentially screaming off line, adds an adventure that a young angler will dream about weeks later. 

Below, you will find links to the various sport fish that we pursue with guided anglers. A brief description and a picture is furnished to you compliments of the State of Maine.   
Stocked in East Grand Lake near one of our optional lodges.
Maine is famous for it's native, wild brook trout population.
Brown Trout and Brook Trout are stocked yearly in China Lake near our lodge.
Rainbow Trout are stocked  in the local Kennebec River and have successfully reproduced in the upper stretches of this river.
China Lake offers both largemouth and smallmouth while East Grand has only smallmouth bass.
An impressive self-sustaining population of Lake Trout  are found in East Grand La
Northern Pike are providing fabulous fishing in Great Pond close to our China Lake lodging.
Maine Guide Outfitter fishing guides have two indestructible jet powered Mokai to access fish in typically inaccessible pools on rivers, traveling both upstream, as well as downstream in class 3 waters.
Maine Fishing Guide - Offering fly fishing, trolling, bass fishing and ice fishing on Maine inland waters.
The owner of Maine Guide Outfitter, Roland Tilton, initially built a fly company that sold fishing  flies to customers throughout the world. Four years ago, the company was passed on to his son, Dan.  Some of it's flies
were chosen by the UK Fly Fishing Team for competition at the International Fly Fishing meet in Portugal. The company, FlyDeal, offers hand-tied fly fishing flies crafted by some of the best fly-tiers in the industry. They carry one of the largest selections of discount & wholesale fly fishing flies for sale, most of which are $0.42 to $0.53 cents each. As a Maine fishing guide with a passion for fly fishing,  as well as a love and desire to promote my son's business, I invite you to check out his flies. Aside from my own tied patterns, my fly boxes are filled with FlyDeal's superior quality flies. He offers custom tied fly patterns, as well.